Someone call Security!

Security Despatch, that is. Just got sent this shot – a Christmas card the company issued late ’78 or ’79.


ID card 1985I’m in there somewhere – a fresh-faced chimp compared to the scowling ID shot on the right. What horrors befell me in the intervening period, you might wonder? Read the book to find out.

In the shot are seToff Security (Despatch) Bike magazine November 1978veral characters described in the book – and in the 1978 Bike magazine ‘Toff Security’ article on the left (click and enlarge to read).
In my case in the book, some names are correct, some guessed and some made up or not mentioned, given the activities described.

At the bottom of the line up above is XL250S-riding ‘ChrisCol’. In the late 70s the two of us discovered the thrills of trail riding together. And we all know how that ended for me.

tinah-14Christian the Krazy Racing Kraut is there too, plus a young Martin who went on to set up Streewise where I worked a few years later. And good old Brian (not ‘Patrick’), the indefatigable Irishman.

You will note Dave – one of the ‘Essex Boys’ whose procurement services I mention in the book. He’s ‘behind bars’ as he was in prison by the time the card came out. Don’t recall what for – stolen goods most probably, or just fake prescriptions to feed the hungry.

tinah-52Thanks to ‘Giro’ for digging this out and sending it on.

That’s him on the left, talking his brilliant-handling Guzzi V50 for a walk in Crouch End.


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