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As well as the Galleries, here are a few links to blogs,
articles and videos which relate to the book, the bikes
and the era

davmercCouriers then and now on Wemoto.x-cd


Despatch riders were an essential part of the urban scene from the 70s to the 90s. With plenty of jobs, it was easy money – wasn’t it?

Feature on despatching’s heyday in the April 2015 issue of Practical Sportsbikes magazine.


The minor adventures of a motorcycle courier (Advrider)

artfulLondon’s artful dodgers Mark Gardiner’s article at motorcyclistonline


Toff Security article, Bike magazine November 1978


Mad dogs and motorcycles (Brazil, 2012)

rukkistanRukka PVC – what all the smart 80s despatchers wore

mechanicalhusbandry.comMotorcycle Courier Diary (Seattle, 2010)

quadritekThe Quadritek 1200 Page

bantamerBantam despatchers in London, circa 1960


Review of Motorcycling in the 1970s
by Richard Skelton

Adventures-1977-58Big Twin Man

comic-stripComic Strip Presents…


Pride & Clarke of Stockwell
(we had a less complimentary name)

bikmov70Bike Movies of the Seventies


Motorcycle Movies the Eighties

scootsThe Great Keswick Scooter Riot 1981 and Scooter rallies 1980s

Adventures-1979-818UK recession: Life in Britain in 1980

maicoWho Killed Maico?

The Universal Japanese Motorcycle

pinterA Cool Pinterest Moto Collection

Adventures-1983-30The E Generation at 40 (audio)

Squatters in Hackney

51-N4pPURhLDespatching’s military origins on Riders Digest


4 thoughts on “More Stuff

  1. Myles Beresford

    A friend bought a signed copy from you for my birthday. You forgot to sign it, but as a dutiful dispatch vet (’86-’92 West One, Titty link and others) I signed it for you. If the heat comes down I will say the cleaner did it.

  2. Roy

    Dude, the book is giving me deja vu lol I worked for Apollo, Addison Lee, well lol most of the London companies. When a controller gave me the hump I’d just move on. I quit In 88 after a “bone aching” near miss with a car turning right at the lights across Pentonville road. It was the Friday night run to pick up my cheque at the office and that miss was the last straw. The amount of times I had to take a package from a rider who had had an accident………..
    All the best
    Kilo 4 (anything going north?)


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